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My name is Robin & my little friend in the picture is Gabby, my peach faced lovebird. My entire life has been immersed in animals, many of them exotic. Growing up, I can remember pets as average as a dog and hamsters, to the more exotic chameleons, a flying squirrel, gray squirrels, ferrets, skunks (yes, skunks!), parrots, sparrows and other various birds, horses, a field mouse… if it was portable, we probably housed it at one time or another. I would also spend summers with my grandparents in upstate New York, and enjoy their small farm with horses, goats, chickens, geese & cats.

Today, I live a pretty average suburban life. Married with one young adult son. I work as a hospice Nurse. Most of all, I am a grateful follower of Jesus Christ. But a life without critters? No way! I could not do that. But to keep my marriage of thirty one years intact, I have to keep the numbers down. Not everybody is wanting to live within a zoo! While I did bring ferrets as well as some fire bellied toads (who were lots of fun) into our home, I try to keep the indoor pets to dogs and birds. We have two small but mighty rescue dogs, Buddy & Lily. Then there are our two birds, Chico the cockatiel & Gabby the lovebird (pictured above).

As many may relate to, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge adjustment. We more social folks have struggled with the isolation, bucked against wearing masks, turned to food or whatever to cope… At work, I have had to learn how to discuss death and dying with people over the phone rather than in-person. No touch of the hand, no comforting hugs, no tissue for weeping eyes. No blowing off steam after a particularly difficult or sad day by meeting friends for dinner or a drink. No book club. No family gatherings. No church. All I had left were my early morning walks with my exercise buddies, Liz & Amy! Along the way, something changed… We started looking up to the sky and trees, listening to the sounds of nature around us. We began varying our morning walks, enjoying the birds and wildlife we saw in the different locations. Then we began to carry binoculars, stopping at times to get a better look at a bird we hadn’t seen before. Next, a day or two were added during the week for “bird walks,” which were much s l o w e r. Birding apps were added to our phones. Then one day, I dusted off my camera and brought it along… and here I am now, writing a blog! I have seen and learned so much this summer and was looking for a way to document it. A blog seemed the natural next step. I look at almost everything as “the more the merrier,” so if you’ve read this far, please subscribe to my blog on my Home page and join me on this bird and nature journey! This is all new to me and I would welcome your comments, questions and input!!

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