Spring Has Sprung for the Baltimore Oriole!

It’s been TOO long since I’ve posted! My “new normal” has caused many changes in my day-to-day life these days. But the birding has not stopped and there is a lot of catching up to do!! It seems fitting to begin with a good ol’ Maryland bird, the Baltimore oriole.

Male Baltimore Oriole

Look at this beauty! It seems to be a really good year for orioles in Maryland. Goody for us!! Have you seen a more beautiful bird? Last year, I felt very lucky to get a glimpse of two Baltimore Orioles. This year, everywhere I go birding there is at least one!

The above bird looks like a female Baltimore oriole right? Wait…

See the little dark splotches on his throat? Nope, this is no female. The above bird is an immature/juvenile MALE Baltimore oriole. I really thought it was a female when looking at it with my naked eye.

Above is also a male. See, he is a little less bright orange and he may also be a little younger than the bird in the first photo. Springtime is so interesting, bringing so many birds through Maryland at different stages in life, development and breeding plumage.

During this last year, I’ve learned that when times get difficult, I look UP (literally and figuratively). I look up high into the trees where orioles like to perch. I look to the sky, to God in the heavens, for help when I need it. Have you been looking up for comfort, encouragement, protection lately?

I know every bird in the mountains, and the insects in the fields are mine Psalm 50:11

One thought on “Spring Has Sprung for the Baltimore Oriole!

  1. Beautiful photos of the Oriole. I thought female Oriole as well!
    Every day I ask God to work through me, to give me the strength to do what is kind and loving.


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