Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

What do you think of this sweet juvenile yellow-bellied sapsucker? Such a pretty bird!

Yellow-bellied sapsucker, Black Hill Regional Park

This happens to be the most migratory of the woodpeckers. This bird is eyeing the fruit on the tree & we had the pleasure of watching it put a big dent in it. Sapsuckers are known to drill uniform rows of holes in trees, returning to them periodically to eat the sap that has oozed out.

I think this may be a male because it’s throat has a red tinge to it. Mature males have a red head and throat. Adult females have a smaller red patch on the head and the throat is white.

I love the facial stripes. They look painted on, don’t they? And the golden hue of the under side as well as above. The markings are so striking!

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