Butterfly Break

Monarch Butterfly in My Backyard

Hello there! Hope you don’t mind my taking a little break–a butterfly break!! This has been a pretty good year for butterflies around here. I was happy to see monarch butterflies in my own yard. The flowers I planted a couple years ago are paying off. Do you have plants in your yard that attract butterflies? No time like the present to start planning for next year!

Above is a tiger swallowtail so beautiful at Black Hill Regional Park in Boyds, MD. SO lovely.

Here we have a couple beauties we found in Cape May Point, NJ. The photo on the left is a Buckeye at Rea Farm in Cape May Point, NJ. A little rough, but the first I have ever seen in person. On the right is an eastern black swallowtail.

Above is a little slide show of monarch butterflies on Cape May, NJ. Cape May is a migration thoroughfare for monarch butterflies! While we went to Cape May for the migratory birds, it was super exciting to see so many monarch butterflies in one place!

My book club is reading Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver this month. If you are interested in butterflies and a fan of a modern-day novel, it may be worth giving it a read. Let me know if you do and how you like it! I am only on chapter 7…

3 thoughts on “Butterfly Break

    1. Thank you so much, Carol. I don’t know a lot about plants, but I do know that butterflies like plants with little clusters of flowers a lot! They seem to like my purple tall phlox. The next two plantings will be a butterfly bush and milkweed. My other half has dug 5 holes in the last week and I am not sure he will be keen on digging more for awhile… 🙂


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