Take a Tern!

September has taken a tern for the better for me any my travel buddies! We just got back from a long weekend on Cape May, NJ after hearing that it is a great place to spot migrating birds. No kidding! I haven’t even gone through all the photos taken on this trip. Hopefully you will enjoy these Forster’s tern pics!!

Forster’s Tern, Cape May Point, NJ, Sunset Beach

On our first day, after an early morning birding expedition, we were on our way back to the rental when we took a wrong tern and ended up at Sunset Beach. There, I saw bunches of birds of all different shapes, sizes and plumage. Some I recognized, some not.

Forster’s Tern, Cape May Point, NJ, Sunset Beach

So, in spite of inappropriate shoes & jeans wet from a dewy bird walk, I climbed out of the car and onto the beach to get a closer look. I was not about to tern a blind eye to the amazing quantity of feathered friends on this beach! Snap, snap, snap. Honestly, I did not know what this lovely bird was when I photographed it. Later on, I opened my handy Audubon app & figured it out.

Forster’s Tern, Cape May Point, NJ, Sunset Beach

The tables have really terned this fall, as all the birds are looking different from spring and summer. It’s a real learning curve. In spring/summer, Forster’s terns have a black cap. But in fall/winter, they have a white head with black ear patches. If I’d known about the forked tail, I would’ve worked harder to get a better shot of it. Next time for sure!

Forster’s Tern, Cape May Point, NJ, Sunset Beach

With summer terning to fall, the air cool and crisp, I pray you take the time to look up, wish the migrating birds well on their journey, and thank our Creator for the beauty around us this season.

Blessings to you!

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