Think Green

Thinking green today–green heron! Prior to May, I had never heard of a green heron. Now, I am quite taken with them! They are pretty plentiful around lakes and marshy areas.

Green Heron, Great Falls Park, MD

We spotted this beauty in a swampy area beside the C&O Canal Towpath at Great Falls Park, Maryland side (The Potomac River runs between Maryland and Virginia). The lighting was just perfect to catch all the iridescence of the bird’s feathers.

We saw a total of three green heron this day. The one below appears to be a young/juvenile green heron, just a few feet away from the one pictured above.

Juvenile Green Heron, Great Falls Park, Maryland

This juvenile green heron has more prominent striping down it’s neck and chest, as well as spotted wings. Also, notice his black cap.

These birds are pretty small compared with some other heron. I’d describe them as about the size of a crow, but with longer legs. They spend their time in shallow wetland areas and also climbing/perching on vegetation surrounding the water.

They are usually spotted wading for fish, staring intently into the water. In fact, they are one of the few tool-using bird species. They often create fish lures out of crusts of bread, insects & feathers, dropping them on the water’s surface to lure small fish. Occasionally, they may dive into deeper water for prey.

Have you ever seen a green heron? If not, look for them next time you are close to a lake or wetlands. You just might spot one!

From Bridge at Olmstead Island, Great Falls Park, Maryland

Psalm 42:7 “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me.”

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