My Mother’s Legacy

Photo By My Mother, Bonnie, Rockport, ME

The above photo was taken by my mom, whom I lost to breast cancer eight years ago today. She was an artistic person who loved all animals and nature. When she retired and moved from Virginia to Maine, she began taking photos of what she saw, whether it was the lupines in her yard, a pond glistening in the sunlight or the above photo of a hummingbird. The thing is, I believe (but am not certain) that this photo was taken using film. I love digital photography. One can take thousands of frames, delete the bad pics, save the good ones. Do you remember film cameras? You never knew how your pictures would turn out until they came back from development. When I see a beautiful photo taken with film, I see it as much more of an accomplishment! I am really proud of my mom’s picture and it makes me feel happy every time I see it.

I’ve been following in my mother’s footsteps by seeking to record nature’s beauty in photographs. Last week, I have focused on capturing the movements of hummingbird wings when they fly.

Hummingbirds flap their wings 80 times per SECOND! Also, they have a ball-and-socket joint at the shoulder which allows them to rotate their wings 180 degrees in all directions. Because of their special ability, they can hover and even backwards! Thankfully, film photography is a thing of the past for most of us. Digital photography allows a novice like me to experiment and improve skill with practice and immediate gratification.

I’m thankful every day for the influence of my mother. She shared her love of nature with me and now, in my fifties, I’m finally beginning to share her passion. Apparently, I am a slow learner. If she can see me now, I’m confident she is glad I finally caught on!

If you have someone in your life who shared a special part of themself with you, thank them while you can. If you have a talent, passion, interest or hobby, please share it with another person. If you think you have nothing to give to another, show them care and love–that’s the BEST gift you could ever give. THANKS MOM!

Female ruby throated hummingbird, beak open with tongue

4 thoughts on “My Mother’s Legacy

  1. Robin, this post has made me so happy this morning. I couldn’t agree more! This summer it seems I have been thanking my mother every day even while still missing her so much. She died in April of 2017. One of my summer projects has been sorting and organizing my mother’s piano music. She is the one who taught me how to play. One of these days, when children are allowed to sing in choirs again, I hope to be able to share this ability with them. Another summer project has been sorting through family photographs. Like your mother, my parents were great lovers of natural beauty. My father loved photography too. I do remember film photography and now need to sort through the too many paper photographs we have in order to preserve the best ones! Have you ever read the poem, “The Courage That My Mother Had” by Edna St. Vincent Millay? It is lovely. I first came across it in the 7th grade literature anthology we used.

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