Hope You Like Hummingbirds

Young Hummingbird

I hope you like hummingbirds, because I sure do…AND I have lots of photos to prove it! I’ve been working on my camera skills by stalking the birds in my backyard all last week. Above is my current fav hummer shot. Pretty sure it is a young one because it’s all fluffed up & not scared off by me & my camera.

The hummingbirds are literally juicing up for their migration which will occur very soon. Since they’re hanging around my feeder so much, practicing on them seemed to make sense.

If you don’t yet have a hummingbird feeder, hurry and get one to attract hummers to your yard before they disappear until next spring. It’s not too late, but will be soon! Maybe they’ll remember your delicious nectar and decide to live in your yard next year. Hummingbirds are known to return to the same place year after year, ya know.

Above is the lone male in my yard. He is a little smaller, faster and a lot more nervous around me and my camera than the females and the young. But I managed to get a few shots…

Hummingbird Hanging Eight!

Above is a little lady who decided to stand on a flower bud! She is so light, she didn’t even cause the bud to droop while standing on it. Trivia question: How many toes does a hummingbird have? Answer: Four on each foot/eight total toes. I am in awe of how teensy tiny their feet are.

I could just watch these little birds all day long. In fact, thanks to COVID-19, I get to see a lot more of them than I would any other time in my life!

Did you know that hummingbirds cannot step or hop? They can only perch or fly, so if they want to move three inches to the left, they need to fly there.

I think people who spend time observing and appreciating wildlife may have an edge over others when trying to understand our place in the universe, how very small we are, and how capable God is of seeing us individually and loving us affectionately.

“I know every bird in the mountains, and the insects in the fields are mine.” Psalm 50:11

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