Bring the Camera Every Time!

Juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron, Lake Needwood, Rockville, MD

When I started to do a series of “baby” posts, I didn’t know how many baby bird photos I had taken and would take! Last week, my walking/hiking/birding buddies and I were on an EXERCISE walk, NOT a birding walk. Recently, I decided to carry my camera on EVERY walk & hike, not just birding walks, and it paid off! Last Friday, we were crossing the same foot bridge we cross once or twice a week, and here was this strange creature just sitting there staring at us… and staring… and staring. After regaining our composure, I took a couple quick shots to be sure I came away with SOMETHING to refer to later. Then, I clicked and clicked and clicked, inching closer and closer and closer. This bird didn’t budge.

Juvenile Black Capped Night Heron, Lake Needwood, Rockville, MD

New to birding, the differences between males, females, young and mature are quite a challenge at times. This lovely bird turned out to be a juvenile black crowned night heron. Huh! Never would have guessed THAT. It’s hard to believe that this young bird, stunning in it’s own right, will transform into something that looks completely different. Eventually, this juvenile will grow to have a black cap and back with gray wings. Knowing now that they are around, I’ll be on the lookout for the parents! Lesson learned: bring the camera every time!!

The next installment will be another young bird that stumped us on the same day, while walking across the same foot bridge. See ya then!

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