Sweet Swallows

Baby tree swallows, Lake Hallowell, 5/26/20

Can you stand the cuteness?!? These adorable little tree swallows appear to be getting their courage up to fledge their nest. On the day this photo was taken, there were several bird houses, all bursting with baby bird preciousness–tree swallows and bluebirds.

Tree swallows, Lake Hallowell. 5/26/20

Above, proud parents tending their young. Below, this brave almost-fledgling working on it’s pros & cons list of why or why not to leave the security of the nest. Pros: freedom, more space to stretch it’s wings and more independence. Cons: losing out on free meals from mom and dad, giving up the shelter of this cozy house. Freedom and independence always win out over the rest!

Baby tree swallow, Lake Hallowell. 5/26/20

Here, on the same walk, bluebird parents caring for their hatchlings. Wish I’d caught the young this time. Maybe next spring!

Proud bluebird parents, Lake Hallowell 5/26/20
Bluebirds, Lake Hallowell. 5/26/20

What do these images make you ponder? They make me feel calmer and more hopeful for the future. Birds live the life I wish I could. They are so free to be exactly who they were made to be!

These birds’ lives are beautiful and precious to our creator, and so is yours!

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