Little Pop of Color

Female Juvenile Northern Cardinal 6/23/20 Lake Hallowell, Olney, MD

Here’s another installment of the baby bird series! Look at this cutie!! A little female northern cardinal youngster. Everything I read says that juvenile northern cardinals have black beaks until their first molt… but this little lady had her orange beak, but with what looks to me to be juvenile plumage. No matter what her age, isn’t she lovely?

Female Juvenile Northern Cardinal. 6/23/20. Lake Hallowell, Olney, MD

Having such an early and long, cool spring seems to have brought about much fertility in the bird world, at least here in Maryland. It has been so much fun watching little families expanding & growing every day. Stay tuned for more babies!

2 thoughts on “Little Pop of Color

  1. I was under the misapprehension that the female cardinal was unattractive in color compared to the brilliant red male cardinal. However, since perusing your blog Robin, I have noticed how attractive the female cardinal is with its brown feathers, orange beak, and the reddish hue on its wings, crest and tail. I have begun paying more attention to the cardinals that fly around in pairs in the shrubs around my backyard making loud chirping sounds. Thanks so much Robin for getting me interested in bird watching.

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